Battery Management Systems (BMS) are electronic control circuits that monitor and control the charging and discharging of batteries. Areas to be monitored battery parameters include the battery voltage, the temperature of the battery cells, the battery capacity, state of charge, the current draw, the remaining operating time of the charging cycle and other characteristics. The main task of battery management systems is to ensure the optimal use of existing in a battery power, also protect BMS systems the batteries from deep discharge and from rapid charge and thus protected from damage. BMS can be found in a variety of interconnections of battery cells, for example, traction batteries of electric cars, uninterruptible power supplies or notebooks. The simplest form is a charge controller for cells. Modern systems often have complex controls that monitor all series batteries individually and provide information about their condition. One of the major tasks is to determine the state of charge, which is difficult to detect in many batteries. For most Lithium battery types, the charge states of the individual cells must be maintained within very narrow limits to failures and further damage to avoid up to the fire risk of the battery pack. At the same time indicate the battery status, and the operating time was significantly improved by the now available electronics. Voltronic offers BMS (battery management systems) of the leading manufacturers and developed with customized solutions. In addition to the standard functions of the protection circuit provides a BMS other relevant data, such. As the current state of charge, the current temperature, the number of charge cycles, and the other for the customer information. This data can of course also be read depending on the configuration. The BMS is able to provide all the necessary features for safe operation of a lithium battery. We set up the BMS individually for your application. Part of the function of our circumferences BMS systems control the battery temperature monitoring temperature of the battery or batteries preventing derTiefentladung preventing overcharging balancing the battery charge meter communication interfaces Coloumbmeter

Part of the function of our circumferences BMS systems

     Control of the battery temperature
     Temperature monitoring of the battery or batteries
     prevention derTiefentladung
     Prevention of overcharging
     Balancing the batteries
     Charge meter
     Communication Interfaces


  • "Bevor Lithiumzellen überhaupt befördert werden dürfen, müssen sie bestimmte Tests erfolgreich bestehen. Dieser UN38.3 Test simuliert Transportbedingungen wie Druck, Temperatur, Quetschung, Aufprall und viele weitere. Sprechen Sie uns an, wir beraten Sie gerne zum Thema Transport"
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